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Offering quality products, both affordable and reliable, is part of our daily job, and so is communication and promotion of such products to the medical team. This section has been designed for healthcare professionals with the purpose of making scientific content of interest available to them.

Laetis Evidencia Clínica

Inofolic Evidencia Clínica

Sodermix Evidencia Clínica

Quasix Evidencia Clínica

Algoritmos Shock Séptico y Paro Cardiorrespiratorio

Compatibilidad físico-química de medicamentos administrados en "Y"

Guía para la administración parenteral de medicamentos - 3ra edición 2019

Manual Farmacéutico Clínico de UCI

Tabla de Dosificación Valertropina® (Dexmedetomidina Biol)

Manual de Farmacovigilancia - Hospital Elizalde


This site was created as a result of several questions and information requests on Ophidism or accidents caused by snake venoms. It is our objective to provide clear and straightforward information for healthcare professionals, workers in rural areas, tourists, vets, students and any person who may be interested in learning about snakes in our country.