Who we are Our values: integrity, commitment, synergy and initiative


We are a pharmaceutical company devoted to the development, production and marketing of products and services intended for people’s health and wellbeing, with certified quality and sustainable profitability, targeted to the local and international market.


We delve into process optimization and continuous improvement by means of strategic management organization and operative working teams within an appropriate environment, with qualified suppliers in line with company values.

We promote interactions with associations and institutions which contribute to our development. We reinforce our commitment with community by offering reliable products guaranteed by an experience of over 100 years.


Sustained growth with high quality, value added products and services, which are internationally certified.

Our values


A set of values such as Honesty, Honour, Responsibility and Transparency, which make up people´s essence and go beyond the organization.


To achieve higher results than expected, by means of team work and professionalism, applying effective communication tools, believing in ourselves, promoting motivation and education to our staff.

Result - Committed

Proactive behaviour towards meeting the objectives in an efficient and effective way.


With all company members, being responsible for its customers, suppliers, representatives, different players of the health sector, with society in general and the environment.


Positive and dynamic attitude in search of innovative and creative solutions for services, products and processes.

Quality Policy Statement