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Our pharmaceutical manufacturing site is located in Florencio Varela, appearing as the first industrial site in the area.

At present, it covers a roofed area of 4,637 m2 in a 60.000 m2 land and counts with modern facilities destined to the manufacturing and development of medicinal specialties, both of its own and for third companies.

In our site we manufacture:

  • Ampoules and Carpules
  • Semi-solids (Ovules and Suppositories)
  • Biological APIs (Antisera and Antitoxins)

The injectable facility has a productive capacity of over 3,000,000 units a month, both in ampoules and carpules, which is used to meet the local and international demand of its own products and for other pharmaceutical companies.

New site for semi-solid manufacturing.

As for semi-solid manufacturing, we count with a completely independent and autonomous site which has two separate and segregated areas for the manufacturing and filling of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms (ovules and suppositories) and non sterile liquids. In this sector, over 500,000 units of vaginal ovules with different formulations are manufactured on a monthly basis, for the local and export market.

At the biological API manufacturing site, we manufacture specific Heterologous Antisera like, Tetanus Antitoxin and Snake Antivenom targeted to the local and international market.

The production technology platform for lyophilized heterologous antisera, the knowledge gathered by our technicians on biological production and control and the relevance acquired by LATAM markets have all allowed for different snake antivenoms specific to neutralize snake venoms in different regions which are currently marketed in several Latin American countries.

At our site, injectable, semi-solid and biological products are manufactured.

Biol counts with its own Animal Facilities within the Florencio Varela premises, where own and third parties’ biotests are conducted. For that purpose, it counts with a 300 m2 roofed area, with locations for breeding and keeping mice and guinea pigs, experimental rooms for biotests, laboratories and equipment. Biol Animal Facilities is certified for the production and supply of laboratory animals for experimental purposes and Biotest services in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Certified animal facilities for the production and supply of laboratory animals and biotest services.

We count with a number of highly specialized professionals, technicians and operators who make up a work team which is committed with their specific jobs, and which is under continue ongoing training.

Product safety, quality and effectiveness are supported in our Quality Policy within the framework of the adequate quality standards and subjected to demanding controls during the manufacturing process.


Calle 606 Dr. Dessy 351 B1867DWE. Florencio Varela, Pcia. de Buenos Aires - Argentina


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