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Productive services

Injectables and Carpules

The injectable facility has a productive capacity of over 3,000,000 units a month, both in ampoules and carpules, which is used to meet the local and international demand of its own products and for other pharmaceutical companies.

Semi solid products

As for semi-solid manufacturing, we count with a completely independent and autonomous site which has two separate and segregated areas for the manufacturing and filling of semi-solid pharmaceutical forms (ovules and suppositories) and non sterile liquids. In this sector, over 500,000 units of vaginal ovules with different formulations are manufactured on a monthly basis, for the local and export market.

Biological products manufacturing

At the biological API manufacturing site, we manufacture specific Heterologous antisera like, Tetanous Antitoxin and Snake antivenoms targeted to the local and international market. The production technology platform for lyophilized heterologous serums, the knowledge gathered by our technicians on biological production and control and the relevance acquired by Latin American markets have all allowed for the development different snake antivenoms specific to neutralize snake venoms in different regions which are currently marketed in several Latin American countries.

Animal facilities

Bioterium and biotest services

Biol Bioterium is certified for the production and supply of laboratory animals for experimental purposes and Biotest services in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Services provided

  • Production and supply of Ssi:AL guinea pigs.
  • Production and supply of mice:
    • Outbred Swiss N: NIH.
    • Inbred BALB/ c AnN.
  • Bio-tests services:
    • Abnormal and specific toxicity.
    • Safety test.
    • Vaccine activity tests.
    • Dermal activity test.
    • Innocuousness testing.
    • Tests to determine the anti-venom neutralizing activity.
    • Fatal dose 50 (DL50).
    • Biologic reactivity test.
  • Development of bio-tests at the customer’s request.
  • Hotel services.


Biol Bioterium counts with appropriate breeding and maintenance and operating management facilities under strict standard procedures; for that purpose, it counts with 8 rooms for animal breeding and keeping and 5 rooms for biotests conduction, both for their own and for third parties. Such areas maintain the optimal environmental conditions from animals’ birth until their use in different biotests. Additionally, it counts with many supporting departments and services.

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Hosting Services

We provide regulatory, production, import and logistic services to local and international companies which trust in our operating capacity as technical and administrative support for the introduction of their products into the Argentinean pharmaceutical market.

We’d like to thank the following companies for trusting us:

Celnova Pharma Merz Stallergenes ISDN